There are tons of online articles claiming you can do-it-yourself (DIY) just about anything. There’s so much information on how to do it yourself that it’s overwhelming, from your car to your computer to your plumbing. HVAC is no exception to this onslaught of content. With everyone cooped up in their homes more so this year than any, it can be empowering to fix something you wouldn’t have attempted to otherwise. For most families, they don’t have the financial backing to do anything other than DIY fixes either.

First of all, put your phone down unless you’re calling us! There are a lot of good reasons why through the entirety of our blog at Rep-Air we always, always recommend calling in the professionals. We want every single one of our customers to be safe, and it’s tough to do that when you insist on DIY HVAC repairs yourself. So here are our top three reasons you need to hire professional HVAC technicians like our team and stop browsing through DIY articles right now.

  1. Small Problems Are a Sign of Something Big

Furnace won’t heat up? A/C won’t produce cool air? Usually these signs of problems that seem like a simple fix, but the reality is they’re far from it. A small problem with your HVAC system can actually mean a bigger underlying situation, and the more you try to make repairs yourself, the greater the damage can become after the fact.

Our technicians have both the education and the experience to greater identify problems that are one sign of many that your system is failing. Plus, we’re able to understand the difference between when to improve a system that’s being inefficient and when to replace the whole thing, whether it’s due to age or the number of repairs being made already.

  1. Danger at Every Turn

Another reason to avoid scanning the latest DIY article about repairing or servicing HVAC yourself and to leave it to the professionals is, simply put, you and your family could be seriously hurt, or worse. Electrocution is one example, supposing your HVAC is electric, but there is also great risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or even fire. HVAC systems are machines, and to understand their inner workings requires years of education—much longer time spent learning than surfing the Internet.

If your HVAC system’s current problems are something along these dangerous lines, in no way should you attempt DIY. Pick up your phone and call us instead.

  1. Cheap Fixes = Expensive Installations

The idea of saving a few dollars here and there on repairs sounds tempting, but resist it with all your might because that way only leads to danger. Not only will cheap parts fail if you attempt to use them for repairing valuable ones in the HVAC system, but also it will cost you double, if not triple, to hire a professional and undo what you did if it goes wrong. And oftentimes, the damage done by DIY’ing it is irreparable, so you’re looking at having a new one installed whether you like it or not…just because you thought it would be nice to save a few bucks and do it yourself.

The actual expense behind ‘cheap’ fixes doesn’t stop there. It can cost you more to pay for individual parts than it would to replace an entire system. Especially considering most of the systems we come across in clients’ houses and buildings are way older than 10 years. That means the parts being made for repairs have long since been discontinued in terms of manufacture, so it’ll cost another arm and a leg for you to find the one part you need and order it yourself.

These aspects of HVAC repair and installation are discounted for us professionals. We’re licensed and certified, ergo qualified to receive those parts you may need at a fraction of the cost.

We Can Help

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