Hot Water Tanks

Water heaters are responsible for heating your home’s supply of water. Tank water heaters are classic water heaters that work with gas and electric fuel sources. They offer a large volume of hot water that can be dispersed to your entire home and typically keep the stored water at a temperature near 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Tankless water heaters do not store heated water, but rather heat water only as it is needed, and work with gas or electric fuel sources.


Condensing vs non-condensing

Condensing water heaters use exhaust gases to heat water with the gas burner, rather than venting those gases outside. Exhaust gases create more heat, which benefits the condensing water heater. Making them more efficient.

Non-Condensing water heaters vent their exhaust outside. The water is heated by a gas burner, makes it rise enough to be transferred through a pipe. About 20% of the heat does not get transferred to the water. Non-Condensing water heaters need their own special venting system. Non-Condensing water heaters have been around a lot longer, and while deemed dependable, are far less efficient.


Natural Gas vs Electric

Natural Gas water heaters are generally cheaper to operate than electric. The efficiency of a gas water heater all depends on the gas burner, the heat exchanger and the venting system. The initial cost may be greater than electrical however, the operating cost will save you money.

Electrical water heaters are generally less expensive, but keep in mind that they do cost more to operate given the current energy prices..

With a wide variety of options to choose from, we are here to help you choose the best fit for your space for the best price. We offer yearly maintenance to ensure you can enjoy the comforts of your system for many years to come.


We look forward to helping you when:

  • You would like to change from tank to tankless
  • You need your tank drained for maintenance
  • You have a faulty tank thermostat
  • Your water is over or under heating
  • You have no hot water
Hot water tank repair

Always use a Licensed Contractor!!!

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