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2020 Predictions We Make for the HVAC Industry

Published on: January 21, 2020

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It’s a new year and a whole new decade! 2020 is full of expectation all around. There are new technologies being developed for homeowners and HVAC technicians alike, and new trends emerging within the industry. With this in mind, how about we have a little fun this time? Here are a few predictions we’re making for 2020 that involve the HVAC industry and where it’s headed.

More Green Homes

Energy efficiency has been the name of the game since the last two decades took place. Our environment and caring for it has never been more important than right now. To accommodate this lifestyle and approach, more homes are being developed as green—meaning greener technology will be the forefront of the HVAC industry. Gone will be the days of relying on non-renewable resources; we’re heading in that direction, but in certain areas than others, we’ve got a long way to go.

This year will be when we really up the ante on going green and taking more responsibility on ourselves to ensure we’re not harming the environment while also trying to stay warm or cool. New homes will be built with this sense of urgency in mind, and use only the highest developed and energy efficient HVAC systems during construction.

More Mobile Usage = More New Technology to Learn About

We all use our mobile phones these days to access information, buy products, and even control things when we’re absent from our homes—and yes, that does include our HVAC! With this increased reliance on mobile usage, it means there will be more new HVAC technology and controls to learn about. These new developments will make controlling your heat and cooling easier than ever, while ensuring you’re living at a comfortable temperature year-round.

There are already digital thermostats installed on phones that enable you to turn up or down the heat or air conditioning without your having to be at home to do so. We predict that this will be applied to every home that has one; after all, it goes hand in hand with the prediction on more green homes, because with this kind of technology, it’s guaranteed that no heating or cooling energy resource is going to waste.

Training and HVAC Careers Will Boom

All of this new technology means there will be new training too. According to one source, the demand for HVAC equipment is predicted to increase by 6% throughout 2020. With that kind of growth, the demand for skills across companies will grow too. This means that more HVAC companies will be looking to invest in more training and HVAC skill programs while they adapt to the changes technology is bringing to us all. In addition, since there will always be a place for HVAC in our homes and lives, we’ll be seeing a lot more students enrolling in such programs and accepting it as a long-term career choice—again, thanks to the new technology being introduced.

HVAC Companies Will Still be People-centric

“What do you mean by that?” you’re probably wondering. Simply put, we are not going to stop putting aside our customers’ needs because of the latest trend in tech or upswing in metrics. If you need financing to better afford your heating and cooling solutions, we have a solution. If you need great customer service and a properly installed HVAC system, we’ve got the licenses and skills in place for the job. New technology will be introduced, but our dedication to our customers will never be replaced by it. You can expect that great sense of customer service from us in 2020 and beyond—that’s a prediction that’s going to come true!

Let’s see whether the other predictions come true as the year goes on. In the meantime, we’re available for all of your heating and cooling needs, so go ahead and give us a call. At Rep-Air Heating And Cooling we provide our customers with many options that will best suit your needs from heating and cooling to refrigeration. Contact us today for your complimentary quote: 1-778-728-1476 or and don’t forget to take a look at our website: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for free giveaways!

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