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4 Big Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Maintenance

Published on: May 24, 2018

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Refrigeration is an absolute must in our daily lives. After all, it keeps our perishable and frozen foods chilled and ready for when we need it. Most fridges nowadays come with a built-in filtered water tap so we can enjoy not just a cool glass of water, but a glass of clean water.

However, with great refrigeration comes great responsibility, meaning proper maintenance and cleaning is essential. For some reason though, most people tend to forget about that until it’s too late! It helps to know what the signs of trouble are, as well as the causes creating the problems so that your fridge lasts you a long, long time. Without further ado, let’s go over the signs your refrigerator needs maintenance as well as the potential causes.

Sign 1: Weird Noises

Your fridge should always produce a low, quiet hum during certain times of the day before stopping. This is its cooling process at work where the compressor, fan, and coolant work together to produce the chill you normally feel whenever you open the fridge. Any weird noise that sounds like grinding, mechanical groaning, or knocking should be of concern. The causes?

  • A breaking down compressor
  • A broken down fan motor
  • A faulty condenser
  • An overworking cooling system

Sign 2: Hot Air or No Cool Air, Period

Fridges should never, ever feel like the air inside of them is warm or non-existent! A lack of air flow and thawing or spoiled food, or food covered in condensation in the freezer, are some of the most telltale signs something is wrong—very wrong. The cause is likely a fan motor that’s broken down, not enough power to the fridge, a dirty condenser, or a compressor on its last legs.

Sign 3: Too Much Ice

Evaporator coils that are too iced up and gone uncleaned for some time will cause a ton of frost buildup. This in turn causes the temperature in the fridge and freezer to fluctuate. Most fridges come with a self-defrosting system built in, which normally does the trick as it runs 4 times a day per 24 hours. However, if that doesn’t work, it means the coils are failing.

Sign 4: Puddles

Water in front or surrounding your fridge on the floor is always a red flag of something gone wrong. Ditto if it looks like your own fridge is sweating through a current heat wave. This excessive condensation can mean a few things:

  • The seal on the fridge door is not sealing up properly
  • The drip pan, where condensation from the freezer’s defrost drain goes to evaporate, is overflowing due to a blockage of ice or food debris
  • An electrical problem, usually associated with the power lights, ice dispenser (if it’s applicable), or the thermostat

Most, if not almost all of these signs, make it difficult to tell if it’s time for you to buy a new refrigerator or if it’s a fixable solution. If it’s been over 10 or 20 years since the last time you bought a fridge, it’s going to be less expensive to buy a new one than it would be to repair your current, aging one. If you’re not sure at all, or the fridge isn’t that old, it’s best to call in a professional technician for help—and a good idea overall to clean and maintain your fridge regularly.

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