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5 HVAC New Year Resolutions You Should Make

Published on: January 11, 2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: . Our company is located in British Columbia, Canada. If you are reading this article in another location, we hope you enjoy the information, but unfortunately we cannot service you. 

At last, a new year is around the corner! We’re sure you’re very busy getting ready to party and reflecting on this past year and what’s to come. One thing we know a lot of people make this time of the year is New Year’s resolutions.

Some people resolve to be several things; maybe they want to be healthier, or maybe they want to travel more, or maybe they want to reach out more often to the ones they love. These are all good ideas, however there are certain resolutions one can make that can transform into long-term goals. With this in mind, why not make some of your resolutions this year HVAC-related? Here are a few suggestions from our technicians at Rep-Air.

Resolution 1: Learn more about HVAC

If you’re reading this, you’ve already made a great step forward! Our blog contains lots of informative articles regarding HVAC and how best to maintain your equipment (as well as how not to, to help you become more aware and informed).

If you’re more of a visual person, you can check out our social media to learn more and get a good idea of what we talk about in our blog. There, we’ve posted some good pictures of how not to store your units, new units worth buying if you’re interested, and the occasional free giveaway on some of the best equipment the market has to offer. Best of all, it’s easy to find out more—simply follow us and there you go!

Resolution 2: Become a smarter shopper

Knowing which models can best lower your energy bill without giving up quality heating or cooling can better your life.

While Energy Star will usually provide shopping guidelines on the latest models in the market, we at Rep-Air can actually better provide you with a human side to approaching how best to shop for a new HVAC model. It’s a great idea to talk to us and also stay up to date on the latest types of systems and technology being used. That way, you’ll know how to better regulate the temperature and keep everyone comfortable in your home.

Resolution 3: Get dirty (not that way!! We mean cleaning and maintenance)

Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and get the job done when it comes to cleaning your furnace, hot water heater, or A/C. It can be a time-consuming task if you don’t perform regular maintenance, but far less so if you put in the effort to follow our guidelines on our blog on cleaning and maintenance. You should also know, though, when not to get dirty when cleaning by learning more about fixes you know you can do yourself versus problems that really should be handled by a professional.

Resolution 4: Save money

This one is a little trickier to do than the others, but the benefits received are too good to not mention. It can actually cost you less money to replace a system outright than it would to replace a component of it; that really is how things go in the world of HVAC. So, make it a point in the New Year to save money for new HVAC equipment if your current systems are looking pretty worn down or you’re not sure they’ll last into next winter or summer.

We have some tips on how exactly to save money that you can check out, or consider looking into applying for SNAP which allows you to both save money and pay for your heating and cooling needs fast, all without having to go through your bank or wait for a long period of time like most other financing programs.

Resolution 5: Get to know your contractors better

This is a simple one—you may just not think about it until you really need help! Getting to know your contractor better can give you some great insight from the experts, especially if you want to learn more preventive measures for your HVAC systems or how they work. It’s also pretty nice getting to know our customers when we’re not so crazy busy on the job. We’re always around if you just want to talk!

From all of us to you we wish you a very Happy New Year! Get in touch with us for all of your HVAC needs! At Rep-Air Heating And Cooling we provide our customers with many options that will best suit your needs from heating and cooling to refrigeration. Contact us today for your complimentary quote: 1-778-728-1476 or and don’t forget to take a look at our website: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for free giveaways!

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