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7 Tips to Stay Cool this Summer (A/C is Only One Solution!)

Published on: June 13, 2018

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Whether you are trying to relax after work or are working in a hot area every day, staying cool during the summer months is a must. A/C is definitely one way to go about it.

Sometimes though, the A/C can break down if it’s left unmaintained or cleaned. If that happens in the middle of summer, depending on the size, the state of disrepair, and how busy your HVAC professional is, it may take a while to get the A/C system fixed. You also can’t take a full system with you outside if you’re traveling from your cool home to a hot workspace or if you’re heading out on a camping trip!

For these reasons and for your health and sanity’s sake, we have some tips on how you can stay cool during the hottest months of the year, whether you’re using the A/C or not!

Tip 1: Cool off the Hottest Rooms

Naturally we don’t use our house when we go to work (unless you work from home, in which case, lucky you!) or when we have to run errands. This means you should only focus on cooling off rooms where it’s absolutely necessary. For example, don’t worry about cooling off the bedroom when you’re not using it, but do cool off any room where sunlight pours in the most or where it’s hottest, such as the kitchen.

Tip 2: Curtains are Your Friend

Some homes are built with massive windows that have some pretty spectacular views. However, there’s one drawback: the sunrise or sunset, depending on where the windows are positioned. That much direct sunlight can add a ton of heat to your home! This is why curtains or blinds are your friend in this case. Keep them closed when it’s the hottest time of day and open them when it’s cooler out.

Tip 3: Shade is Also Your Friend

Whether you’re driving around or you need to run errands down the street, always stick to the shade. Typically, the weather gets the hottest between 10am and 3pm depending on where you live. Stick to the side of the road in the morning where the shade is most likely to reside and then switch sides when it’s the late afternoon. Do your best to park in shaded areas so that you don’t get burned by your own car’s seatbelts!

Tip 4: Let Your Body Adjust

Sometimes it takes only a few minutes for our internal temperature to adjust to a room’s heat. Turning the A/C on right away will only cause an imbalance in our bodies, in that it will make us cold too fast too soon. It’s also crucial you allow your body’s temperature to adjust when you’re trying to go to sleep. If it’s absolutely too hot, try sleeping on top of the covers while the A/C is on at low rather than under them. Make sure the A/C is timed so that it shuts off when you’re falling asleep.

Tip 5: Use Ventilation

Typically when summer arrives, that’s when the fans get taken out of the closet. Ventilation is a great way to stay cool and it makes for a decent replacement if A/C is too expensive right now. However, be sure the fans are well maintained and kept clean just like the A/C, otherwise that handy fan could also break down when you really need it.

Tip 6: Soak Your Feet

Like your hands, your feet are pure bone and muscle, meaning there’s no insulation between your body and the floors you walk on at home. If you walk a lot against a hardwood or tiled floor at home, that’s where heat can get soaked up quickly by your body, making you feel hotter than normal! Grab a bucket or shallow pan, fill it with cool water from the shower, and let your feet soak in it while you relax with Netflix in the evening, or before you go to bed, or simply after you’ve been on your feet for a long while.

Tip 7: Use Your A/C—the Right Way

We’re not going to go too deep into this tip because we’ve actually already talked about it on our blog (you can check out the post here if you’re interested!). However, there are indeed wrong ways to use air conditioning in your home or at work worth recapping about, such as the following:

  • Placing obstacles over vents, such as furniture
  • Lowering the temperature on the A/C
  • Leaving the A/C on all day when no one is around

Stay frosty!

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