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AC Tips This Summer

Published on: August 16, 2022

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comfortable in the summer

The warmest days in Mission are here, and you shouldn’t be worried if your AC will make it through the rest of summer. Your air conditioner is likely working overtime to keep up with the warm temperatures, so it is important to ensure its health. This blog will provide effective AC summer tips all homeowners should be aware of when overcoming a heat wave.

Keep Cool With These AC Tips!

Below are 5 AC tips to help your air conditioner this summer.

– Schedule an AC tune-up
– Set your thermostat to the right temperature
– Consider installing a smart thermostat
– Shade the condenser
– Weatherize the windows and doors

Schedule A Tune-Up

Your air conditioner should be serviced twice a year to prevent costly repairs and breakdowns. Your Rep-Air technician can ensure your system is working properly, so you aren’t stranded in the heat. We encourage homeowners to schedule AC tune-ups in the fall and spring to prepare for the drastic temperatures each season brings.

Set Your Thermostat To The Right Temperature

If you raise your home’s temperature when your home is vacant during the day, it will likely lower your cooling bill. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), you can save 5 to 15% on your cooling costs by maintaining your house at 85°F for eight hours each day during the peak cooling season. Of course, few people are willing to trade in their comfort to save a few bucks, so using a programmable thermostat could be a smart investment.

Consider Installing A Smart Thermostat

Smart or programmable thermostats allow you to remotely control the temperature of your home through a mobile device. These thermostats give you access to your home’s heating and cooling system and enable you to program the temperature of your house on an automated basis, making your house as comfortable as possible during the day and night. In recent years, smart thermostats have increased in popularity due to their many advantages which include:

  • Learning patterns: Their technology levels have the ability to incorporate learning algorithms that help you set the most efficient temperature depending on your schedule.
  • Saving you time: They’re easy to use and allow you to control your home’s temperature even when you’re out and about!
  • Saving you money on electricity bills: They give your HVAC system a break by providing you with the option to cool your home only while you’re in it.

Shade The Condenser

The condenser is the outdoor component of your air conditioner which either collects or releases heat depending on the time of the year. A simple way to prevent your condenser from overworking would be to cover it from direct sunlight. Creating a favorable environment for your condenser will prevent it from overheating and working harder than it should. To shade your condenser, you might want to consider planting a tree or two to block direct sunlight, but make sure to leave enough space for air circulation.

Weatherize Windows and Doors

Inspecting your home for possible leaks can save you a great amount of trouble in the future. Small cracks on your doors and windows may seem harmless, but they actually contribute to cool air flowing out of your home and making your air conditioner work harder.

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