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How to Keep Your Business Energy Expenses Low

Published on: September 7, 2018

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Running your own business involves more than calling the shots on major decisions at work. It involves ensuring everyone on board, including yourself, is comfortable in their work environment, one that doesn’t negatively impact productivity or morale.

There’s something many business owners may not be aware of all the time though, at least not until the monthly bill arrives: energy costs. The cost of hydro, electricity, and water to name a few can become quite expensive if you work long hours, or if there’s an abundance of these energies throughout the work week.

Energy efficiency is the name of the game, so in this article, we’re going to help you out. Here are a few ways you can cut back on those high energy costs.

Analyze your current energy usage

You need to ask yourself the following questions before deciding to cut out or add any new energy features:

  • Are the lights always on when you’re at work?
  • How long are these lights on for?
  • Is the heat always on in the winter?
  • Is the A/C always on in the summer?
  • Does your cooling and heating never feel like it’s enough?
  • Are you already doing anything to cut back on using heating and cooling when it’s not necessary?
  • What kind of environment are your staff comfortable with working in?
  • Are there any alternatives to provide your staff with moving forward?
  • Do the lights get turned off at the end of the work day?
  • Are there backup security lights installed?
  • Do you know how old your current equipment is (if applicable)?

All of the above questions and more are essential ones you need to ask if energy usage is a big expense. Once you’re answered the above questions and more, conduct a thorough analysis on your current utilities and see if you can pick up any patterns in the building’s energy usage. Knowing how and where your energy is being stored and used can help you understand where the biggest costs lie and how best to initiate solutions on saving that energy.

It wouldn’t hurt to speak to your staff either; they may know something about the building and its energy usage you’re not aware of, and it’s good to have alternative solutions to this sort of problem.

If the energy costs are coming from your HVAC equipment, such as A/C or heat pumps, there could be a few reasons for it. The age of the systems you currently have installed may be a factor, or it could be the model itself. Whatever the reason, there are ways you can both keep HVAC equipment if it benefits your business and not be forced to give up a comfortable working environment (if that’s what you still need).

Invest in Smart HVAC equipment

Smart HVAC equipment has an advantage over older models for good reason. One is that the controls are timer-based, so if you need to cut down on energy after the office has closed, you can set a timer and the system will automatically shut down instead of needing to be turned off manually.

Another advantage is that smart HVAC equipment is built specifically with energy efficiency in mind. It can ‘learn’ about how much heat or air conditioning is required for a room and where it’s required. The best thing about these newer systems is the programmable thermostat, which will spare you from having to fiddle with the temperature constantly!

Upgrading current equipment

Sometimes an HVAC system may be so old that it’s not even worth holding onto any longer. Your audit of energy usage should be able to help you identify if this is a task needing to be done. If you know how old your equipment is—and it’s over a decade old—then it’s definitely time to replace the old system with a newer one.

Don’t forget if and after you’ve installed this new equipment to train your staff on how to care for them as well. If necessary you can also ask the technician who installs your equipment to give everyone the advice you will need.

Updates aren’t limited to HVAC equipment either. Upgrading the lighting to LED or CFL, or even retrofitting your current lighting system, can go a long way in cutting back on energy usage without negatively impacting you and your staff.

If money is your concern about this step, that’s okay. Some local government programs and even public utility companies offer tax rebates and breaks for the sake of saving energy. This is worth considering in the event you need to upgrade to more energy efficient systems.

Practice good energy usage

Ensuring that energy is not wasted daily should not be your responsibility alone as the business owner—your staff should also be following your example. It’s a good idea if and when training new employees the routine of switching off appliances and lights each night after business hours.

These are some good practices to consider as well:

  • Make it a habit to switch off equipment such as printers, scanners, microwaves, A/C, and lights during the weekends and holidays.
  • Try switching your computers to hibernate mode, which allows you to save existing work and then pick up where you left off the next day.
  • You can also try using the daylight to your advantage so that you don’t need to leave the lights on so often.
  • Only use printers if it’s absolutely necessary. These devices can suck up a ton of energy too!

By following these steps, you may see an immediate positive change in your company’s energy bills as well as promote a healthy work environment.

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