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How to Save Energy with Your Commercial Refrigeration

Published on: August 10, 2018

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Having commercial refrigeration is not only great to have around, but also it’s necessary if you run a business that requires it. No grocery store, convenience store, or restaurant would be complete without having refrigerated products and ingredients nearby.

However, these systems tend to suck up a lot of energy every day. This is both because they need to work properly 24/7 and they’re constantly used by staff and customers (depending on the business) day in and day out. So what can we do to save energy when it comes to commercial refrigeration? Here are some tips on how you can do so.

Keep Your Commercial Fridges Clean

A dirty and dusty commercial fridge will work harder to ensure the heat transfer is kept normal, especially where the coils are concerned. Regular defrosting for the evaporator coils and cleaning the cabinets inside and out can go a long way in preserving energy and ensuring both the coils and the compressor are working properly.

Regular Maintenance Helps

Having a professional HVAC technician to check on and maintain your commercial refrigeration every year can help it stay in shape. For the rest of the time, be sure to follow the fridge manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and follow a regular maintenance program. That way, the risk of breakdown is reduced and the equipment’s runtime will be extended.

Each commercial fridge comes with door gaskets or seals and self-closing doors, so you need to make sure these are in good condition. If they’re not working properly, then humid and warm air can enter the fridge, causing energy to be wasted and food to spoil. Good quality gaskets should have a tight seal.

Space is Important

The location of your commercial fridges matters because depending on their placement, the heating and cooling process can be affected. There should be enough space outside of the system so that there is good airflow over the heat exchange coils.

If your commercial fridge is located near the kitchen, try to lower its ambient temperature if that’s possible. This will provide your business with major energy savings. It’s also beneficial to ensure there is proper ventilation so as to increase both the fridge’s lifespan and its efficiency, so again, make sure there is enough space all around it.

We don’t recommend you place your refrigeration right next to prime cooking equipment in the kitchen. The heat generated from this cooking equipment can and will affect the fridge’s efficiency.

Upgrade When Necessary

Sometimes an upgrade to your commercial fridge or freezer is the only way your business will be able to save money and energy. The older the system is, the less efficient it will be at saving energy. This is because times are very different now compared to the past when convenience and speed were what were ideal to offer to customers. Now, we have to think about our own impact on the environment, and making things energy efficient is part of that.

Energy-saving models of commercial refrigeration and new and advanced features are now widely available for purchase. Consider using equipment and installing features consisting of the following:

  • Night curtains on open cases – these will help keep the refrigerated air from escaping after regular business hours are over.
  • Fridges that have drawers or half doors instead of full doors – only the relevant part of the cabinet is accessed, thus saving energy.
  • Motion sensors for case lighting systems – they will help turn lights on and off in the fridge only when needed.
  • Intelligent controllers – specifically the kind that can detect changing situations and keep energy use to a minimum during periods when it’s not in use.
  • Hot gas anti-sweat heaters – look for the type with adaptive controls so you can turn them on and off automatically whenever it’s necessary.
  • Insulation – the best kind should be 75mm thick and made of high quality and high density polyurethane.
  • Appropriate usage – if it’s at all possible, go for a refrigerator designed for the product or products you are looking to store and set at its optimal operating temperature.

How to Save Energy During the Day

Whenever your business hours are in operation, keep the commercial fridge doors closed whenever possible. Never, ever prop a door open.

Keeping your commercial fridge and/or freezer as full as possible can help with energy as well. There needs to be a good balance of food products and airflow within it. Too much empty space in the cabinet will make the equipment work harder to maintain its internal temperature. In contrast, an overfilled cabinet can block much-needed airflow. To avoid overfilling, try to keep your products stacked evenly and be aware of its load limit levels. That way, maximum airflow is guaranteed.

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