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Is Your Furnace About to Breakdown? Watch For These Warning Signs

Published on: November 21, 2022

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Your furnace is a crucial part of your home – it keeps you warm during the winter and helps to keep your energy bills down. So what do you do if you think your furnace might be on the brink of breaking down? Watch for these warning signs! If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call in a professional to take a look at your furnace and see if it needs repairs or replacement.

What Is The Typical Lifespan of A Furnace?

The average lifespan of a furnace is around 10-15 years. However, this can vary depending on the type of furnace, the quality of the installation, and how well it’s maintained. If you’re furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan, or if you’re seeing any of the warning signs listed below, it’s time to start thinking about calling a professional Abbotsford furnace repair company to come take a look.

4 Signs That Your Furnace Is About To Break

There are four telltale ways to know if your furnace is about to bite the dust. Many of which can be spotted before any major repairs are needed, so be on the lookout for these indicators:

  1. Your furnace is making strange noises
  2. The furnace isn’t producing the desired amount of heat
  3. There are odd smells coming from your vents
  4. Furnace is running constantly without shutting off

We will break down more information about each warning sign down below.

Furnace is Making Strange Noises

One of the biggest warning signs that your furnace is about to break down is if it’s making strange noises. From grinding and rattling to squealing and humming, any sound other than a quiet hum could be a sign that something isn’t quite right with your furnace.

Your Furnace Isn’t Producing Enough Heat

Another warning sign is if your furnace isn’t producing enough heat. If the air coming out of your vents isn’t as warm as it used to be, or if certain rooms in your home are colder than others, this could indicate a problem with your furnace.

Strange Smells Coming From Furnace/Vents

You’ll also want to watch for odd smells coming from your furnace – anything from burning plastic or metal to gas-like odors – all of these could mean there’s an issue with your furnace.

Your Furnace Is Running Non-Stop

Finally, if you notice that your furnace is running continuously without shutting off, this could be a sign of a problem. It’s normal for your furnace to cycle on and off throughout the day, but if it’s consistently running without stopping, it’s time to get help from an HVAC professional.

By being aware of these warning signs and paying attention to any changes in how your furnace is performing, you can make sure that you catch any potential issues before they become major problems – saving yourself time and money down the line! If you’re concerned about whether or not your furnace is about to break down – don’t hesitate to call in a professional for a furnace inspection. They’ll be able to diagnose the issue and provide you with an accurate assessment of your furnace’s condition. Don’t wait until it’s too late – be proactive and watch for these warning signs so you can stay warm all winter long!

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