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IAQ Testing

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Should I Be Concerned for Air Quality?

Indoor air quality and exposure to indoor pollutants and polluted air are significant concerns for many homeowners and business owners.

Indoor air pollutants have long been linked to health risks. Since 1970, knowledge of the health dangers associated with indoor air pollution has increased continuously. As buildings become more energy-efficient, better sealed, and well-insulated, indoor air quality concerns grew increasingly prevalent.

Air quality has been linked to a variety of respiratory and health problems, including eye, nose, and throat irritations, central nervous system disorders, allergic sensitivity reactions, and a range of other respiratory and health issues.

There are a variety of reasons why indoor air quality may be poor. Bacteria, residue from fire damage and water damage, contamination from the outside, insufficient ventilation, and textiles are just a few of them. Lead is present in some structures as well as asbestos.

How Important is Air Quality?

Air quality is one of the most important factors in determining how well an office performs. Clean air increases productivity, comfort, and feelings of well-being throughout the workplace. The air you breathe should be odor-free, dust-free, and free of contaminants. To avoid stuffiness without creating draughts, the air should also circulate properly. The objective is to ensure that employees are unaffected by the interior environment.

Rep Air repairs don’t only require experience and tools; it also takes the skill, knowledge, and equipment to test, detect, and recommend expert air quality solutions that are perfectly suited to you. You can rely on us to assist you in making your home or business a healthy environment for your family and employees.

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