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How Rep Air determines your quote

We take into account the cost of parts. The expense of your toilet’s repair or replacement is largely determined by the components required. Installing a high-efficiency toilet with extra features, for example, will be more costly than installing a basic toilet. The cost of each individual component that has to be repaired or replaced will influence how much your service costs.

We talk about any changes or add-ons. If your toilet repair or installation necessitates modifications to your existing plumbing or relocation of the toilet, the cost of your service will rise.

We provide parts and labor warranties. If you require service and your warranty is still valid, the cost of your repair may be reduced. Adding an extra length of time or money to the original parts and/or labor guarantee will increase the overall out-of-pocket expenditure for your installation, but it might also save you money in the long run.

We determine how many hours a task will require. Toilet repairs may be difficult at times, and they might take a few hours. If this is the case, we’ll give you an upfront estimate of labor costs before we start working on your toilet.

Your toilet repair or installation in three easy steps

Schedule your repair or installation

When you’re ready to schedule service with us, you can call us at 778-728-1476 or schedule an appointment with us online. Either way, someone from our customer relations department will schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber to visit your home.

Meet your expert plumber

We want to ensure that you’re comfortable with the plumber who will be working on your toilet. So, before your plumber arrives, we’ll send you an email with your plumber’s name, photo and a short bio. That way, you know exactly who to expect.

Get your toilet repaired or replaced

If you need a repair, our plumber will get right to work diagnosing the issue. Once the diagnostic is complete, they will provide you with an upfront estimate. In most cases, we can repair your toilet that same day, but if there are specialty parts that need to be ordered or if you’d prefer we come back another day, we’ll find a time in the near future to complete your toilet repair.

If you need an installation, our plumber will assess your current plumbing and speak with you about what you’re looking for. We will provide you with an estimate on your installation and schedule a future appointment (usually within 3-5 days), for us to come back and install your toilet.

Request Service

Contact us today to request an estimate or schedule service.