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Signs Your AC Is Going To Breakdown

Published on: September 9, 2022

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As we approach the last few weeks of summer, many have cooler weather on the brain. However, air conditioning season is not over quite yet! It is important to ensure your air conditioner is working properly before the season ends. In this article, we will discuss common warning signs that indicate your AC is about to break down.

Warning Signals

Your air conditioner will often show signs it is about to go out, so it is important to pay attention to the following signs to avoid a breakdown!

  • Unusual Smells
  • Decreased Airflow
  • Lack Of Cool Air
  • High Humidity
  • Decline In Air Quality

Unusual Smells

Like any other operating machine, an uncommon smell coming out of your AC unit might indicate there is an underlying issue present.

Burning smell: Possible mechanical or wiring issues
Rotten egg smell: Possible gas leak
Moldy smell: Possible clogged drain line or dirty coils

Your air conditioner may produce other smells, but most of them indicate your unit has a problem that needs to be addressed!

Decreased Airflow

A good way to determine if there is weak air flow is to stand underneath all of your home’s vents and measure the strength of the air flow. Low air flow might indicate there is a problem with the air filters. It is possible that one or more air filters have been clogged by dust particles or pet dandruff, which prevents air from blowing through the vents efficiently. Most HVAC technicians recommend that homeowners change their air filters approximately every 3 months. Other causes of low air flow include:

  • Pressure imbalance
  • Obstructed condenser unit
  • Blocked or leaky ducts
  • Thermostat issues

Lack Of Cool Air

Is your thermostat set to cooling mode, but no cool air is being blown out? Oftentimes, a refrigerant leak is to blame for. A refrigerant leak occurs when tiny holes appear in the coils of your AC due to intense pressure. If you suspect this may be the cause, listen closely for any unusual hissing, or in more serious cases, gurgling noises. Your best bet would be to contact one of our experienced technicians right away, due to a simple leak possibly leading to a costly breakdown.

High Humidity

Humidity in Mission is at its peak in the summer seasons and can be uncomfortable if levels are high in your home. Your air conditioner works to reduce humidity as well as cool your home. If you notice your home is muggy and uncomfortable, it could be a sign your air conditioner needs repair because it is struggling to remove humidity. One cause of raised levels are frozen AC coils. This means the refrigerant within the coil cannot absorb heat to reduce the air temperature and remove moisture from the air because of the ice and frost on the coil surface. When this happens, it is recommended for homeowners to turn their AC completely off for a couple of hours. Turning all your ceiling fans on and closing your shades will provide some relief from the heat. You should also avoid leaving any doors or windows open because this will allow the cool air to escape from your home.

Decline In Air Quality

Have you noticed the indoor air quality decline during the summer months? Maybe the air feels heavy, or maybe your allergies are acting up out of nowhere. This can indicate that your ducts need to be cleaned or that your compressor or capacitor is malfunctioning. Our technicians offer thorough duct cleaning services that will improve your home’s indoor air quality by:

  • Eliminating mold, fungal spores and mildew
  • Helping reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies
  • Improving HVAC efficiency

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