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The Top 5 Signs You Need a New Hot Water Heater

Published on: August 24, 2018

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Hot water is something we all need in our daily lives. It helps clean off harmful bacteria and germs from our clothes, dishes, floors, and bodies (especially when we’re feeling under the weather!). However, the last thing you should discover is something wrong when you step in the shower before going to work…only for the water to turn cold immediately!

This is only one sign that you may need a new hot water heater installed. Here are some more telltale signs the heater either needs fixing or a complete replacement.

Sign 1: You Don’t Know How Old it is

A hot water heater can last from between 8 to 12 years, and when properly maintained it can even outlast that length of time from 10 to 15 years. If you have no idea how old the tank or heater is, however, nor can you remember when it was last replaced, that’s less of a good thing. It could already be nearing the end of its lifespan.

Sign 2: Discolouration

Water should always come out clear from the tank whether it’s hot or cold. If the water comes out looking otherwise, most commonly a rusty orange colour, that’s definitely a sign of some causes:

  • Too much sediment buildup
  • Rust and corrosion

While almost all tanks are built to resist rusting for the length of their warranty, it’s after this warranty expires when rusting and corrosion can inevitably take place. In the case of large sediment buildup, we highly recommend getting professional help to clean that out, or even flush out the heater yourself for smaller buildup (our previous post goes into further detail about this task).

Sign 3: No Hot Water

As we mentioned before, no hot water is a sign that the heater is on its last legs. There are a few causes as to why this is. One is the possibility that the pilot light on the tank is out. The other is that the circuit breaker has tripped. The third is that the heater has outlived its usefulness.

If the water coming out is warm, but not hot, this may be an indication that the heating element is going out. Make sure the temperature on the thermostat is at 48 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit). If the temperature keeps fluctuating, that’s when you need to call in a professional for help.

Sign 4: Unusual Noises

Much like the air conditioner or furnace, you should not hear any unusual noises coming from your hot water heater. Any banging or rumbling coming from the heater could mean one very specific thing: a hardened and large amount of sediment buildup. This is why we insist you contact a professional to get rid of the small amounts of sediment in the first place, or why routine cleaning is recommended. It’s all to prevent these unusual noises from arising and thus ruining your day…and your wallet.

Sign 5: Leaks

Hot water heater leaks are one of the most common causes of a heater needing replacement, as well as the most alarming for a good reason. Depending on where the hot water heater is located, a leaking one can cause significant property damage. Examples of damage include ruining and soaking the carpet or floor, saturating and destroying nearby belongings (stored antiques and furniture, etc.), and encouraging mold growth as a result of rotting water in the floors, carpets, and walls.

Leaks in heaters usually occur because of expansions to the metal inside the tank. These expansions happen gradually over time as the tank’s inner body is exposed to tens of thousands of hot water cycles. However, a few other causes of leaks include poor fittings or connections to the tank, or there is something wrong with the pressure overflow pipe. If it’s an issue with the fittings, a professional can readjust where needed. However, if the fittings are not leaking, then the leak may definitely be coming from the tank itself, which means replacement is mandatory.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get help with your hot water heater! Call in a professional if you see any of these signs.

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