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When to Use an HVAC Professional

Published on: August 15, 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE: . Our company is located in British Columbia, Canada. If you are reading this article in another location, we hope you enjoy the information, but unfortunately we cannot service you. 

One word of advice we like to give to all of our customers is don’t wait until the last minute to call for help. This applies to any and all HVAC related issues or installations or even electrical problems involving their current equipment. This is also why we insist on performing regular, routine maintenance, because you never know how long a heat wave in the summer may last.

There are many other times when using an HVAC professional can come in handy, however. Here are our suggestions on what those exact times might be.

Upgrades to Current HVAC Equipment

An HVAC system that has outlived its warranty and lifespan is not worth having around. Not only is holding on to these systems dangerous, it’s also a waste of money to repair an older system than it would to upgrade to a new one. A qualified technician can help safely uninstall the old system and reinstall a more energy efficient one in its place, saving you both money and time.

New Installations

While many new HVAC systems come with the manufacturer’s manual, it’s still a good idea to get a professional to properly install new equipment. A technician can identify ideal locations for the new equipment so that temperature control is maintained and to prevent excess dust and dirt buildup nearby. They can also provide assistance with electrical wiring during the installation process.

Annual Inspections

While we do offer some suggestions as to how to apply fixes yourself, it’s still highly recommended that you ask a professional technician to come and annually inspect your equipment. While they’re inspecting, they will examine the wiring and check for any leaks or faulty thermostats. They will also guide you on avoiding further issues so that your equipment works at its full capacity for a very long time.

Before Big Moves or Expansions

By big moves we mean both literally, as in you’re moving into a brand new home, or you’re about to open your doors for business. During the construction process, it’s important to consider both the location and the essential parts needed to properly install HVAC equipment.

If you want to expand on your current home or building, calculations are needed before new equipment is installed. Sizing is also important because too small of a system will not heat or cool down a room properly. In contrast, too big of a system can lead to massive expense. A qualified technician can guide you on which system would work best for the space as well as advise you on the latest technology available.

Bad Times: The High Seasons

Right in the middle of the high seasons, i.e. summer and winter, are the worst times to need an HVAC professional. We get so many calls for fixes or new A/C or furnaces during these seasons that it’s overwhelming. This is why we insist you perform regular maintenance and cleaning on your systems; that way you can avoid such a dilemma!

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