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Why It’s Worth Hiring Qualified HVAC Technicians

Published on: June 29, 2018

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Picture this: you’re going about your daily life when you discover something is amiss:

  • The food in the fridge at your grocery store isn’t cool—in fact, it’s warm!
  • The hot water in your shower lasts for only a few seconds—while you’re in there. Yikes!
  • Something smells like it’s burning in the house, or like there’s gas. Double yikes!
  • You hear the A/C in your home break down—literally, while it’s the hottest time of the day.

Whatever the cause of your grief, having refrigeration, A/C, or heating installed can not only make your daily lives more comfortable, but also in most cases it’s absolutely necessary. Some people don’t have the technical prowess or the physical ability to figure out how to get HVAC or commercial refrigeration equipment diagnosed and fixed or installed. The reasons why could be a combination of age and the current state of health, or that in-depth cleaning triggers allergies too much, or the fix is just too big of a job for one or two people to handle.

In all of these situations, as well as several others, hiring a professional and qualified HVAC technician is a must.

Other Situations that Apply

You may be wondering if there are any other situations where hiring a professional rather than DIY fixes are the better choice.

The equipment itself is one such situation. Some systems that were installed way back in the 1980s may not be a perfect fit for your home or office building any longer. Certain HVAC companies back in the day may not even exist anymore, and the knowledge—and in most cases, the manuals—of these older systems are gone with them. This means a new system will need to be installed and that is one task we don’t recommend going about on your own.

When DIY Fixes Don’t Work (or they’re Not Recommended, Period)

DIY cleaning and maintenance of HVAC and commercial refrigeration systems is a good way to save money and prevent further issues from building up. However, sometimes there is something so wrong with your system regardless of how well you’re taking care of it that it makes DIY a much more dangerous task. For example, if there’s a burning smell coming from the furnace in your home and it’s already been cleaned, that’s not a simple fix. Diagnosing the problem and solving it requires genuine know-how from a professional.

When You Don’t Know Anything in the First Place

Not everyone is technically savvy when it comes to proper HVAC maintenance. Likewise, there are many people who are only just starting to learn about being a new homeowner, tenant, or even an entrepreneur who finally purchased their first office. In all of these cases, having a technician who knows what they’re doing can make diagnosis and repairs all the more easier and less concerning.

A hired technician will and should give you the tools you need to maintain your equipment (by ‘tools’ we mean knowledge). It’s one thing to install a system and call it a day. The best technicians go the extra mile and let customers know exactly how to use their newly installed HVAC systems and help them understand when a fix can be done by themselves or when a professional should be called in for the job.

The Steps Worth Taking

When it comes to proper installation, most qualified technicians will do everything including electrical wiring. The best HVAC technician is armed with proper licenses, such as refrigeration electrical endorsements which allows them to pull permits, both for when it’s required and it’s time to install new equipment.

For old systems with failing compressors, it’s protocol to completely replace a system as opposed to repairing it and calling it a day. This costs more, but it will prevent cross contamination and failure of the new system set into place. Us technicians adhere to the phrase “Better to be safe than sorry”, which really does apply to any HVAC system we install.

Manufacturer guidelines are also adhered to when it comes to new installation. This is done to ensure the sizes, methods of piping and installation, and the materials needed are correct. Without the right sizes and materials, the job can’t be done.

Clean systems and parts should be a guaranteed addition to any installation job. That way, the new system will run properly and efficiently and last for a long time, thus saving you money and future headaches.

These are all the steps worth taking on a technician’s part, and they should be what you expect from the repairs and installations you may need.

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