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HVAC Services In Anmore, British Columbia

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The semi-rural community of Anmore is highly interactive, being close to breathtaking surroundings and having plenty of recreational activities available at nearby beaches, hiking trails, and mountains. Our large population of over 2,000 residents makes it all the more entertaining, with regular events warmly greeting neighbors and tourists alike.

However, a welcoming environment starts at home. Without properly functioning controlled air, plumbing, and electricity, your living quarters are anything but. Rep-Air’s Heating & Cooling quality HVAC services in Anmore, British Columbia, will have all parts of your home working in unison to create the perfect post-hangout spot in no time.

Heating Services

Just as much as you want to refrain from dipping into the Buntzen lake during the near-freezing 30-degree winter lows, you’ll likely want to avoid a cold shower when you’re yearning for warmth. That’s why our team works diligently to uncover boiler concerns that leave your water coming out cold no matter how much you turn the knob to the right.

We’ll check your thermostat battery and wiring to determine whether you need a repair or replacement part. You may also have a burned-out or deteriorated piece or low water levels contributing to reduced temps. If broken seals are causing a boiler leak, we’ll reseal it, but if corrosion leaves cracks in your boiler, we’ll replace it with a partnering top manufacturing brand.
The only thing worse than a cold shower is stepping out into icy air. When your heat pump or furnace blows cool or no air, it can be caused by various factors, from blocked air filters to a malfunctioning part. You’ll notice unusual noises like banging, scraping, or whistling alongside uneven heating, which creates hot and cool spots, so call for a full inspection and repair when prompted by these signs.

Air Conditioning

As one of the tri-cities in Metro Vancouver, it’s also our job to set a good example for the rest of BC, Canada, by encouraging quality environmental care. One of the best ways to preserve our semi-rural goal is by conducting semi-annual air conditioner maintenance checks with experienced heating and cooling contractors.

Without them, your system collects dust on the air vents and filters, spewing them back out and lowering indoor air quality within months. Buildups also lead to jammed parts and unit breakdowns that warm or stop controlled air while raising your electric bills. Let us help keep your AC unit working efficiently and effectively!

Our HVAC services in Anmore, British Columbia, include taking apart your cooling unit to thoroughly dust all components, lubricate moving parts, and fix minor concerns that could grow into more costly repairs if not immediately remedied. Not only does this lower utility costs, but it also keeps unusual sounds, smells, and other habits from formulating and wreaking havoc.


Alongside heating and air conditioning, our professional team strives for optimal plumbing and hot water services. During regular maintenance, we’ll drain and flush your tank to clean minerals and other sediments that collect within and eventually clog your system. We’ll then adjust the temperature setting and determine if you need a new thermostat if it gives inaccurate readings.

If you’re having issues with your hot water tank, like under or overheated water or leaks, we’ll examine all parts, like the pilot light and seals, respectively. However, if you have a 15-year-old system or older, you may need a replacement heater to bar repetitive repairs. We’ll also check and unclog drains for proper water flow, pressure, drainage, and complete satisfaction.


Many companies may not consider electrical work part of their HVAC services in Anmore, British Columbia, but we pride ourselves on our trained electricians who repair, maintain, and upgrade all your home’s electrical work effortlessly. From fixing outdoor hot tubs, EV chargers, and generators for your comfort to installing surge protection and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors for safety, we do it all.

Our capable team will light your home along the Indian Arm shore by checking for flickering lights, frayed wires, and sparking outlets, helping to prevent household blackouts, cross-wiring, and electrical fires.

Servicing All Parts of Your Estate!

Don’t be the one to start the ruckus in your quiet country community with unusual noises and abnormal behavior in your home. Instead, keep all household systems functioning efficiently by calling Rep-Air Heating & Cooling. For years, our professional team has provided HVAC services in Anmore, British Columbia, and the surrounding areas, including plumbing and electrical maintenance and repairs. Call 778-728-1476 for excellent customer service and a free equipment estimate today!

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Customer Reviews

  • “While RepAir was not the cheapest quote, though they were close, they were by far the most professional. From start to finish it was all by the numbers. Justin, Sanjay and Colin were all spot on and I would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again. Bravo.”

    – Craig K.
  • “Colin was incredibly friendly and happy to explain what he was working on and how it needed to be repaired while explaining all the ins and outs of our furnace and how it works. I would give more stars if possible and will definitely use him for all our future repair and maintenance needs.”

    – Amanda S.
  • “Justin put in a replacement air conditioning unit for us in June 2020. He was very efficient and cleaned up after himself. Their price was better than other quotes I received. Today my furnace quit working and he was able to squeeze me in between jobs to change out a part and keep us warm. Great customer service. Thanks again.”

    – Jennifer H.
  • “Excellent service! Colin was friendly and took the time to explain what he was doing. He answered all my questions and gave advice on how to maintain the system. I would recommend colin and rep- air for all your heating and cooling needs!”

    – Larry C.
  • “Wonderful service with this company. Always updated us on dates etc and stayed in contact. The service provider was a lovely man, courteous and efficient. Rep-air not only texts you as to who is coming to your home, but they send a picture of the technician so you know who to expect. Great company!”

    – Barbara L.
  • “Colin was pleasant and professional. The gas line installation and stove hook up was a little more complicated than initially quoted, but I was charged the initial estimate price. all round enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Rep-air and Colin”

    – John V.