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Choosing the right furnace for your home is a big decision that can be crucial to your home’s efficiency; we can help!

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Central AC / Heat Pumps

We offer maintenance, repair, and installations for heat pumps, or just central air conditioning.

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Hot Water

Updating your home’s hot water system can save you money.  Let us help you decide what system is right for you!

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As Red Seal HVAC and refrigeration mechanics we can service many different types of refrigeration systems.

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Gas Fitting

From fireplaces to natural gas BBQs, we can install and service any gas fired appliances up to 460,000 BTU’s.

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Your Comfort is Our Priority.

That’s our promise.

Increase Efficiency

There are various ways to achieve efficiencies in your home or business. Upgrading your HVAC system will decrease your gas and electricity bills. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you with a wide variety of options that best suit your situation.

Honeywell HVAC thermostat
Heat Pump for home heating

Be More Comfortable

At REP-AIR, we take pride to bring the utmost excellent service to provide a comfortable home or business.

Save Money $$$

Over 50% of energy used in your home comes from HVAC and Hot Water.  Picking the right equipment can save you money from the day it is installed.  Rebates are sometimes offered to homeowners if energy star rated equipment is installed.

5 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your HVAC System

It’s great to feel comfortable in your home throughout all four seasons of the year. That’s why we know you rely on your HVAC systems so much. The highest quality system can last between ten to twenty years, but just like everything in life, there comes a...

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How to Get Your Home Ready for a New HVAC Installation

A new year comes with new resolve as well as new upgrades and improvements to your quality of life. Why not apply this same way of thinking to your home’s HVAC?Why You Should Consider a New InstallationIf the end of your current system’s warranty is...

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How NOT to Use Your Furnace This Winter

Yes, we all know that winter has settled in at last, and that means the furnace is running. After all, some of us get much colder than others, and even a few customers we’ve met hate winter and want to stay warm all season long.Did you know, though, that...

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5 HVAC New Year Resolutions You Should Make

At last, a new year is around the corner! We’re sure you’re very busy getting ready to party and reflecting on this past year and what’s to come. One thing we know a lot of people make this time of the year is New Year’s resolutions.Some people resolve to...

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The Top 5 Signs You Should Get a New Furnace

Here’s a scenario that’s certain to send chills up your spine: you wake up, first thing in the morning, and slowly but surely get out of bed to make coffee knowing that there’s heat. You slide your feet onto the floor and—eek! The floor is so cold! You...

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How to Keep Heating Expenses Low in Winter

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cozy evening when the snow is falling outside and the heat is on…that is, until you get your energy bill the next morning and see how much you’ve spent on said heat! Furnaces are indeed very useful as the months grow...

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Winter HVAC Tasks You Can Do Right Now

It’s the time of the year when many are dragging their holiday decorations out from the basement or shopping for gifts, or they’re turning on the heat to keep themselves warm. While you’re getting ready for winter and the holidays, why not take this time...

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How to Control Air Quality & HVAC as a Pet Owner

Do you own a dog or a cat (or both)? If so, that’s great! Pets make for wonderful companions no matter what day of the year. They can be loyal, funny, protective, sassy, and even weird (depending on whether there’s a full moon or not…just...

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