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5 Reasons to Follow an HVAC Company on Social Media

Published on: July 10, 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE: . Our company is located in British Columbia, Canada. If you are reading this article in another location, we hope you enjoy the information, but unfortunately we cannot service you. 

Anyone who owns a home, rents an apartment, or owns a business knows that having refrigeration and HVAC equipment around can make your daily life easier. Do you know what’s even easier than that? Following an HVAC company on social media.

Before you roll your eyes, think about this: how much will it cost to replace that fridge or furnace if it breaks down in the high season? Are you having financial troubles, in addition to needing new installations? Finances are one of the biggest reasons many homeowners or company leaders don’t get the help their HVAC systems need. It’s because of this that we’re going to go over several reasons why following an HVAC company online is worth it.

Reason 1: Pictures

It’s worth knowing the difference between an HVAC system that is dirty, unmaintained, and in need of replacement versus brand new systems. That’s why checking out pictures on social media by an HVAC company can help. Talking about these systems is one thing, but as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and that definitely applies to social media!

Technical pictures such as the above example are not the only sights to expect. We think it’s pretty cool to find out who’s working behind the scenes in this field! Plus, having photos of technician staff members and glimpses of what typically goes on at the company can build trust between us technicians and our customers.

Reason 2: Off season sales

The last thing you should do when it’s time to maintain and clean your grocery store refrigerators or check up on your A/C is to find out you need to replace it…right in the middle of the high season. For that reason, it’s best to follow an HVAC company online before summer and winter kick in.

Spring and fall are the prime times of the year when off season discounts and sales are in place. By following HVAC technicians online you could save money and prevent future situations such as equipment breakdowns from happening.

In addition, social media is growing steadily as an ideal shopping area for would-be buyers. That’s because the service or products are coming from a company they’ve come to trust. It will also encourage new buyers to get in touch and follow through with paying for services and installation.

Reason 3: Giveaways

What’s better than getting new parts or systems installed at a discount? Getting them for free, of course! Giveaways are definitely a solid reason to follow HVAC companies online. For example, our HVAC company has hosted a giveaway to some lucky people who haven’t had air conditioning for some time. This resulted in making our winning customers real happy, which is why we love doing what we do!

Reason 4: Advice from Professionals

What better way to learn about how your current HVAC systems work than straight from the professionals themselves? We feature all of our blog posts on our social media in addition to slipping in a little piece of trivia with each photo we post. We do this because we want our customers to be aware of how best they can live their lives without having to worry about their systems breaking down. We also do this to assure them that we’re around if and when they need help.

Reason 5: Because You Never Know

Like we said, the last thing you need in your life is valuable refrigeration, heating, or cooling to suddenly stop when it’s needed the most. You especially don’t want to find this out when your finances are tight or you’re struggling already! That’s why it’s worth reaching out to a technician on social media—because you just never know when you’ll need to call for service.

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