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7 Benefits of HVAC Systems for Businesses

Published on: July 24, 2018

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Do you run a business or are a budding entrepreneur? You know how some office stories in the media have the water cooler exchange going on between employees? You too can get that sense of camaraderie amongst you and your staff (if you have any) by having HVAC equipment installed.

Before you start disagreeing with us, you may want to take a look at these other benefits you and your staff (if any) can receive from having these systems installed.

1: Productivity

Depending on the building itself and the number of staff you have at your company, having an HVAC system installed can actually boost everyone’s productivity levels. Some days are just so hot or cold to work in that it hinders peoples’ abilities to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

For some businesses, HVAC installation is a requirement, not a suggestion. This is because they need pretty much all of the systems that require one to either sell their products or provide services:

  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Natural gas for stoves and ovens
  • Hot water tanks for washing dishes or public bathrooms
  • Ice machines for adding to customers’ drinks or to sell bags

2: Improved Temperaments

Have you ever worked in front of your computer all day only to shift slightly in your seat and realize it’s too hot or cold? Have you been surrounded by heat all day long and are feeling distracted? Your staff may be feeling the same, and as a result, their morale is low and their temperaments unpleasant. Not everyone enjoys working in a hot room, nor can everyone stand the heat. For health reasons, too, employees may only be able to work at their best under certain temperatures. On the opposite side, a room that is too frigid can also break concentration as well as lower one’s morale.

HVAC equipment can help maintain a good indoor room temperature and help people stay comfortable, even boosting their morale. Many systems also now come equipped with filters to help reduce the amount of dust and other allergen triggers that can travel through ventilation. So, if you have staff members with allergies to certain airborne triggers, having HVAC systems can improve both the indoor air quality as well as keep these staff members from sneezing, enabling them to focus at work.

3: Going Green

Energy efficiency is now the primary purpose of developing and installing new HVAC systems for both commercial and residential buildings. This means using older and bigger systems that were in place before you set up your business need to go. Why? Because the older equipment will be more expensive to run and less useful to cooling down or heating up a room than newer equipment. Plus, having newer systems installed will keep everyone including you safe from potential hazards such as fire.

4: Relationship Building

Going back to the water cooler scene we mentioned earlier, having A/C on at the office or within the lunch room when the weather is warm will encourage your staff to frequent these cool areas more often. These are commonplace locations for staff members to get to know each other better. By letting HVAC systems run in a meeting area also, you can all bond over coffee or tea in a room where it’s cool in the summer and hot in the winter—both being ideal temperatures for meetings. None of you will be distracted by how hot or cold the room is, enabling all of you to focus on the tasks at hand.

5: Easy Access

By this we mean access to emergency fixes and repairs such as when your building’s commercial refrigeration breaks down, for example, or if there’s no cool air coming from the A/C. Your technician is only a phone call away. They can either help guide you in how to fix a problem yourself if it happens again, or they’ll handle the really bad situations that do require a technician while you get back to your daily tasks.

6: Income Source

Having HVAC installed will help your company save money long-term. For example, you think it may be cheaper to plug fans into the wall when it’s hot to save the cost of installing A/C. Have you considered the size of the room though, or the number of employees who also need to stay cool in the same room? Plugging in those fans may not do the trick after all!

The amount of ventilation you will need, depending on what type of business you own, will also matter. For business owners who must rely on computers 100% of the time, you may want to check out our article on the subject to find out why ventilation—and the proper equipment—matters so much.

7: Customer Encouragement

It feels so good when you’re grocery shopping to step inside and immediately feel air conditioning after being in the hot weather outside, doesn’t it? Staying cool when it’s hot out can encourage would-be customers to follow through with their grocery purchase or convince them to come into your commercial building when it’s too hot out but the A/C is on inside. Vice versa can be said for the exact opposite season and temperatures too!

As you can see, having HVAC for your commercial building and your company can only mean good things. Are you ready to get some HVAC equipment installed?

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