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Why Having Properly Sized HVAC Equipment is so Important

Published on: April 12, 2018

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When it comes to shopping for HVAC equipment, whether it’s for your very first house or you need to upgrade your air conditioning, the last thing anyone tends to think about is the size of it. This is not a safe way to shop! You may not think size matters when it comes to having an HVAC system installed, but you couldn’t be any more wrong. Here is why you need to consider sizing before moving forward with an installation or upgrade.


There is a misconception going around that “bigger is better”. However, that saying applied to 1980s equipment when HVAC units were massive, required a lot more energy to run, and they cooled down or warmed up a building in 15 minutes tops. Back then, electricity was cheaper than it is now, and insulation was minimal if not non-existent.

Now, we have modern housing, better insulation, and higher priced electricity in addition to knowledge of more efficient ways to use energy sources. So no, bigger is no longer better. Efficiency is now the name of the game, so your unit shouldn’t be bigger if you want to keep your energy bills nice and low and your equipment running for longer than a full year.

Run Time

Going back to the 80s style units, these could certainly cool down or heat up a building in a short amount of time. However, once the air was cool, the unit would automatically shut off, and then switch back on when the heat returned. This action would repeat for the rest of the day. In reality, this is a terrible solution and it will cut down a unit’s run time! Rapid cooling may sound nice at first, but it’s better to cool down or heat up the temperature at a slower, gradual pace rather than a rapid one. All modern units built for heating and cooling work at this pace now. This ensures that the run time of the unit will not be shortened by how much energy it uses.

Another way to cut down on the run time is—you guessed it—improperly sized equipment. If it’s too small, the unit will run all the time to try and reach the desired temperature, but it still won’t reach it, and thus its run time is shortened. If it’s too large, then you’ll get cool fast, but then you’ll have to wait for the unit to switch back on, leaving you completely uncomfortable!


Like we said, bigger does not equal better in the case of HVAC equipment. The bigger your units, the more expensive they are. That being said, if the equipment is too small, it won’t be nearly as efficient enough at its job, whether that’s chilling or warming up the air in your home. A too-small unit may also require more repairs than necessary if something goes wrong.

Either way, installing the best-sized equipment that’s just right can and will save you money in the long run.


A constantly running HVAC unit creates a lot of noise, you know! This is especially the case if your units are too small to handle the job. Excessive noise can also be an indicator of an underlying problem going unaddressed or noticed. Whatever the reason, a great deal of noise should not be something you hear once a new system is installed.

Now that you know all of this, it’s time to be a smarter shopper. Do you need help figuring out the measurements beforehand? Let us know!

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